Faysal Melliti
Senior Vice President – Head of Compliance and Internal Control
Mr. Faysal Melliti is an Assistant Senior Vice President in charge of the Compliance & Internal Control Department. He is responsible for overseeing and managing regulatory compliance. His responsibilities are including the design and implementation of internal control, policies and procedures to assure compliance with local laws and regulations; managing audits and investigations into regulatory and compliance issues. He also ensures support and assistance on any legal and regulatory matters raised by the staff of the company.

Prior to joining UGFS-NA in 2010, Mr. Faysal Melliti has been the head of FX/MM back-office department in Tunis International Bank. He was responsible for the supervision of daily transactions carried out on behalf of bank customers.

Mr. Faysal Melliti is a graduate of Management Institute of Tunis (ISG). He is also a Certified Shari'a Auditor from General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institution (CIBAFI).

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